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Smokeless Range at home- ohjelmisto


The item includes:
*High Frame Camera IR laser sensative
*3.3' USB Cable
*10 different Drills package
*Installation CD-ROM
*Limited 1-Year Warranty

Install the Smokeless Range Simulator on a laptop or computer and convert it into an at-home target range. It reads both visible and infrared lasers and offers a quick auto calibration function that will provide instant feedback with your shots. It is powered over USB and comes with a dedicated shooting game.

Product Highlights:
* Converts Laptop Screen into Target
* Works with Visible and Infrared Lasers
* Quick Auto Calibration Function
* Instant Feedback
* Powered Over USB
* Includes 10 Dedicated Shooting Drills.

Marksmanship drills:
Transitional Drills
Tracking Drills
Speed Drills
Moving Targets
Matching Drill

Recreational training drills:
Dueling Tree
Trap Shooting
Target Shooting
Can Toss
Bomb Blast

Computer minimum requirements:
Windows 7 or 8 PC that meets minimum spec.
Processor: 2GHz Dual Core or better (AMD or Intel)
Graphics: Intel HD or better (Must support 1280x720 resolution)
Disk Space: 500MB or more
USB 2.0 port
HDMI or VGA port for TV or projector connection
Projector capable of 1280x720 resolution and minimum 2000 lumens


Lisää koriin:

  • Malli: smokelessrange
  • Paino: 1kg
  • Valmistaja: Laser Ammo

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