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38 Special / 357 Back cap


The 38 Special/ 357 revolver dry fire cap is used to convert your 9mm SureStrikeTM to a 38 Special/ 357 caliber cartridge. The 38 Special/ 357 cap will reload your SureStrikeTM with another minimum of 5,000 shots.

Important: you do not need to use a safety pipe and nut (safety system) when using the 38 Special/ 357 back cap.

Laser Ammo Ltd. develops and sells firearms training products for civilian, law enforcement, and military markets. The SureStrikeTM illustrates Laser Ammo's product philosophy: delivering the markets most intelligent concepts at the greatest possible value. Laser Ammo's training products are the best available, in part because the Company is dedicated solely to the field of laser bullet training.

  • Malli: 38backcap
  • Paino: 1kg
  • Valmistaja: Laser Ammo

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