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DAA Pistol Barrel Cleaning Kit


The DAA Barrel Cleaning Kit is a practical all-inclusive kit which provides you with all the parts needed to clean and maintain your pistol barrel. The aluminum handle, with two-piece cleaning rod is long enough to reach through any pistol barrel (easily over 7 inches) and includes a practical plastic muzzle guard.

The Double Alpha Barrel Cleaning Kit, is packaged in a hard plastic box with an internal blister back to keep all parts nicely in order and readily available. The Box is excellent display-packaging for shops

The kit includes the following parts:

2 piece cleaning rod
Aluminum handle for cleaning rod
Plastic muzzle guard for cleaning rod
3 Bronze muzzle brushes in 9mm/0.40/0.45
3 pieces cotton mops in 9mm/0.40/0.45
3 pieces brass jags for holding patches in 9mm/0.40/0.45. (patches not included)
A small leak-proof oil bottle to hold the oil/solvent of your choosing (delivered empty)
A nylon threaded patch holder
Packed in a display-friendly plastic storage box and internal blister pack.

Lisää koriin:

  • Malli: bck
  • Paino: 1kg
  • Valmistaja: DAA

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